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The price of gold is good and Goldcorp’s Red Lake, Ontario, mining operation is expanding. Expansion demands more power. Moncrief Construction is upgrading hydro lines to bring that power. Erecting more power lines requires erecting utility poles in difficult and hard-to-reach terrain. When we cannot put the pole in place by road, the helicopter is our solution for precision lifting and placement. We have the men and the experience to get the job done.

When you need your project completed, equipment breakdown is no excuse. At Moncrief Construction, we maintain our own mechanic shop and our own licensed motor vehicle inspection to keep our equipment running and disruptions to a minimum. No dependence on third party scheduling with other customers means our big machines are repaired and back on the job in no time.

You can’t get to Poplar Hill First Nation by road until winter. The number of water crossings make regular road construction prohibitively expensive. But when Canadian winter freezes the waters, an ice road becomes a workable solution. Every January for the last decade, Moncrief Construction has built the ice road connecting some four hundred people of the Poplar Hill First Nation to the outside world. Using snow machines, snow plows, and our Bombardiers, we turn the frozen barrier into a frozen highway. Every spring the road melts into the impassible. Every January, we build it again.

North of Red Lake, Ontario, Rubicon Minerals is building a mine. Moncrief Construction is blasting granite, building an all-weather road so Rubicon can get there and get back. Big trucks moving big rocks. Rubicon requires dependable access to the heart of the Red Lake gold district no matter the weather. Rubicon knows to come to Moncrief, the specialist in all-weather road construction in remote and difficult terrain.

Canadian winters destroy roads and streets. What to do with asphalt and concrete after it is removed? Crush it and reuse it for base material under new paving. Moncrief Construction has one of the few portable crushing operations in the area. The city of Kenora calls upon us to crush their torn-up pavement into reusable aggregate. We lower costs; we reduce waste.