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Ice Road To Poplar Hill First Nation

Ice Road To Poplar Hill First Nation

You can’t get to Poplar Hill First Nation by road until winter. The number of water crossings make regular road construction prohibitively expensive. But when Canadian winter freezes the waters, an ice road becomes a workable solution. Every January for the last decade, Moncrief Construction has built the ice road connecting some four hundred people of the Poplar Hill First Nation to the outside world. Using snow machines, snow plows, and our Bombardiers, we turn the frozen barrier into a frozen highway. Every spring the road melts into the impassible. Every January, we build it again.

  • Company Profile
    Company Profile

    Moncrief Construction Limited has been blasting granite in the Canadian Shield for 45 years.

    Harold and Margaret Moncrief started the family business in 1967, building hydro lines and telephone lines.

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  • Safety & Environment
    Safety & Environment

    Moncrief Construction is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of the public, all  employees & subcontractor, and the protection of the environment.

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  • Hydro Line
    Hydro Line

    When Canadians need power, we bring it to them.

    Overland, underground, or underwater, hydro line construction in the harshest terrain and weather is our strength.

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