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  • Road Work/Bridges/Dams

    Road Work/Bridges/Dams

    You need to get to there and get back, no matter how remote the location, no matter how rough the weather. We have been building all-weather Canadian roads and bridges for heavy construction equipment transport, supply, communication, and maintenance for over 40 years. We partner with paving companies to develop and maintain the infrastructure throughout Canada.

    • road bases
    • bridges
    • causeways
    • dams
    • drainage systems
    • utility easements
    • communications easements

    Our experience in constructing stable roads to remote sites means we can build roads and bridges where you need them, when you need them.

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  • Company Profile
    Company Profile

    Moncrief Construction Limited has been blasting granite in the Canadian Shield for 45 years.

    Harold and Margaret Moncrief started the family business in 1967, building hydro lines and telephone lines.

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  • Safety & Environment
    Safety & Environment

    Moncrief Construction is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of the public, all  employees & subcontractor, and the protection of the environment.

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  • Hydro Line
    Hydro Line

    When Canadians need power, we bring it to them.

    Overland, underground, or underwater, hydro line construction in the harshest terrain and weather is our strength.

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