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Safety & Environment

Safety & Environment

Moncrief Construction is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of the public, all  employees & subcontractor, and the protection of the environment.

Our top priority is to create a safe and healthy work environment by following best safety practices, providing continuous awareness, and having a strong communication network.


By achieving our Certificate of Recognition (COR™) MCL has demonstrated we are a front-runner in the industry when it comes to health & safety by managing risks, establishing controls, and minimizing the incidences of injury / illness to our works.


At MCL we understand the potential hazards that our work can have on the environment. It is the policy of our company to ensure that hazardous products or by-products are contained and not introduced to the environment.


We aim to protect and improve the environment, with safe handling, storage, and use of those products that may negatively affect people, or the surrounding land, air, or water.





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